Judson Designs

Fancy is out.
Clean, Simple, Responsive, Lightweight Design is in!
We do CUSTOM websites and applications based on your business or personal needs.


Judson Terrell has a passion for web development. He has been designing websites since the internet was born in the 90's.

"I started designing websites while in highschool, back when everyone was using microsoft front page and sites were nothing more than a bunch of blue hyper links and images.

Over the years I have worked with different companies, brands, people, etc., to establish an online presence using my talent for design. My goal is to strive to make a clean wesbite that gets the user to the point quickly, while offering a pleasing online experience.

It is imperative to me that a website or app, represents a company or indiviual in a unique way using custom theming through colors, shapes, imagery, etc. I want each and every clients' website to look fresh for years to come."


Judson Designs uses the following technologies:

***Please note that all of our sites are custom built. We do not use any template systems such as word press or other blog builder applications. Applications such as Word Press are for beginners or people trying to make a quick dollar by throwing some images on a template and charging you for a custom website. BEWARE!!!***


You may contact us via the following:


Thoughts and ideas on technology by Judson.

So as much as I would like to write right now, I have alot of work going on these days, but please check back soon! I promise it will be worth it!